Baby it’s dry outside: Dehydrated Herbs

Herbs that is! Los Angeles is technically supposed to be a desert . None of the vegetation is natural here… We go through droughts. Herbs cost money. Buy them at the market for $1 and dehydrate or air dry. In supermarkets herbs such as rosemary can cost up to $5-$8. Let’s save a few bucks and dehydrate more… here’s what I have so far. More to come!



Why this chicken tastes like a steak?

IMG_20130709_074839Instagram @bitchslovefood

Now for the good stuff… substantial food

We apologize to meat eaters for being to vege. I saw for sale at Ralph’s some ground organic chicken, and realized I never used chicken this way before. I had to learn how to manipulate the idea of a lighter ground meat. LOVE me some burgers!

I decided to not take the easy burger path. Instead, I made a BBQ seasoned chicken steak, and I topped it with kiwi sauce drizzled over bacon… MMMM (Remember that BBQ sauce I spruces up? :-0 )

I began by seasoning the patty. Just because there is sauce all over the place does not mean the chicken doesn’t need internal love. Simply mix the following ingredients and make into preferred size patty’s. Then use lighter oil or give into butter. It’s up to you! I recommend skinnier patty’s since it’s chicken. BTW this ground meat needs to be fully cooked. No Salmonella in herr!! Afterward drench it in my BBQ sauce! topped it with pan-fried bacon (turkey OK). Then slide some of that habanero kiwi sauce on top… YUUUUUMMMM!!!

Chicken Patty



1 lb ground organic chicken
1 cap of liquid smoke
1 tsp cayenne, spanish smoked paprika, herbs de provence
2 tsp ground sage, parsley
Salt and Black Pepper

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Grocery store BBQ sauce… Psssssshhhhh!!

OK ladies and gents as the fourth is approaching. Almost everyone is planning on grilling something delicious (so they think). If you are using a standard sauce from the grocery store… odds are you are simply eating textured brown sugar and ketchup, LAME, and on independence day, RUDE!!

Since most of us have made our purchases, I have concocted a rather tasty remix to your store-bought blandness. Shallot orange BBQ with a mustard and tea finish MMMM

Time: 30-45 min

Difficulty: Med


  • One bottle of store brand sauce (bland, no added flavoring)
  • 1 Tbs butter
  • 1/2 cup sweet/ unsweet tea
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • hefty pinches of… Parsley, mustard seed powder, cayenne, Spanish smoked paprika
  • zest of 1/2 orange or hefty pinch of dried orange peel
  • small pinch of chili powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Remember all these ingredients will reduce. Don’t get scared of the added liquids ( I promise your sauce has enough thickening agents in them already). Slightly cook down shallots in butter season with salt and pepper. While cooking add the rest of the ingredients in a single pot. Set oven to a medium-low heat and let seasonings combine slowly. Add shallots and let sauce simmer on low heat briefly (10-20 min).

Blend ingredients until shallots disappear. If you have an immersion blender, I”m jealous. If you must use a blender let sauce cool first. After either use immediately or allow sauce to sit in the refrigerator overnight to allow everything to really. Either way… it’s delicious!! Ahhh much better! 🙂

IMG_20130627_194033 Sauce 4