Baby it’s dry outside: Dehydrated Herbs

Herbs that is! Los Angeles is technically supposed to be a desert . None of the vegetation is natural here… We go through droughts. Herbs cost money. Buy them at the market for $1 and dehydrate or air dry. In supermarkets herbs such as rosemary can cost up to $5-$8. Let’s save a few bucks and dehydrate more… here’s what I have so far. More to come!



It’s not weird…Raspberry, dill prawns

I love dill’s surprising versatility. It makes me happy when someone tells me, ‘”That sounds odd. I don’t think that will work” People are very scared of ingredient ideas for some reason. Here I made dill and raspberry love each other oh so well!

4 raspberries
2 prawns
1 pinch of dill
1/2 cup grapefruit juice
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Set prawns and grapefruit juice aside. (You don’t want to accidentally cook the shrimp with the grapefruit’s acidity.) In a small bag hand mash berries with the rest of ingredients. Place in bag with prawns. Marinate for 30 min- over night. Sautee prawns. Reduce marinade with grapefruit. Enjoy!


Monkey see; monkey do…


    Sea urchin (Uni) has been trending in Los Angeles for a few months now. The Roe or egg of the animal is what is what we are after here…


I went the The Hungry Cat, a raw bar in Hollywood. It was on special for 14, great price. I put that shit on a Cracker with some sea salt. One word… SALINITY. The first bite was like when you accidentally swallow sea water. The second bite was pretty good. I wouldn’t do it again, but it was worth a bite.


Bitches Love Restaurants: Asia de Cuba and SkyBar

     Yesterday, Sara and I decided to get booshy. We decided to go visit our friend at Karey at  The Mondrian’s SkyBar.  Since we were poolside, eating light was a must. The food (Even the quesadilla) was lighter than expected. Without shame, we left drunk and full. Look at some of this delicious food  their fusion restaurant Asia de Cuba.


Watermelon Mojito… psssst watermelon is in season


Blueberry and Lychee Mojito


Asia de Cuba

Wild Salmon and Salted Avocado Helado

Spicy coconut milk | bird’s eye pepper and black lava salt
IMG_20130706_145038 IMG_20130706_145045
 Lobster Quesadilla