Baby it’s dry outside: Dehydrated Herbs

Herbs that is! Los Angeles is technically supposed to be a desert . None of the vegetation is natural here… We go through droughts. Herbs cost money. Buy them at the market for $1 and dehydrate or air dry. In supermarkets herbs such as rosemary can cost up to $5-$8. Let’s save a few bucks and dehydrate more… here’s what I have so far. More to come!



It’s not weird…Raspberry, dill prawns

I love dill’s surprising versatility. It makes me happy when someone tells me, ‘”That sounds odd. I don’t think that will work” People are very scared of ingredient ideas for some reason. Here I made dill and raspberry love each other oh so well!

4 raspberries
2 prawns
1 pinch of dill
1/2 cup grapefruit juice
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Set prawns and grapefruit juice aside. (You don’t want to accidentally cook the shrimp with the grapefruit’s acidity.) In a small bag hand mash berries with the rest of ingredients. Place in bag with prawns. Marinate for 30 min- over night. Sautee prawns. Reduce marinade with grapefruit. Enjoy!




Sprout Time!!

if you “Sunday Funday’d” like we did…sprouts, sprouts, sprouts…. Sound awful, but just a pinch every morning can amplify energy and quickly replenish essential vitamins. Start sprouting meat/ juice heads. Most sprouts contain 15%-35% of your daily protein requirements. Our little baby plants perform an array of task such as removing acne and cleaning out that liver you probably just annihilated.

After a decision to begin sprouting, taking a pinch, every morning these are the sprouts I came across at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Bitches highly recommend these…

Onion Sprouts


Onion Sprouts contain vitamin A, B, C and E as well as calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and Iron. This little gem contains a whopping 20 percent of your daily protein needs. I would use these in omelets, not fully onion like in taste, but it’s delicious!

Clover Sprouts


Clover sprouts a woman’s best friend. On top of being a blood cleanser. Clover sprout do wonders for you skin and contain a whopping 35% of your daily protein needs. This alfalfa relative contain a large amount of chlorophyll, major plus for ladies. Clover sprouts contain vitamins A, B, C, E and K as well as calcium, carotene,  iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, chlorophyll, Amino Acids and Trace Elements.

Broccoli Sprouts


Not a fan of broccoli? It is one of those vegetable that just isn’t delicious. Broccoli Sprouts act a super concentrated vitamin bomb. Containing vitamins A, B, C, E and K, these sprouts contain as many antioxidants as 3 LBS of mature broccoli. Meat/ jucie heads would enjoy this as well as that 1oz also has 35% of your daily protein needs.

Radish Sprouts


Spicy in nature, radish sprouts are quite the vitamin super hero containing calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, amino acids, trace elements, carotene, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Packed with vitamins A, B, C, E and K, radish sprouts are extremely healthy and used most commonly for cooking.  This spicy delight adds a zing to salad or wrap.

Juicing Tips… Stop before you regret it

Jonathan Joy/ Sara Sancho-Bonet


First off we are huge Juiceheads, not the Guido kind. Love it so much that We have failed at a few experiments. Wasting juice is super expensive. Preparing and making another is not what anyone’s morning routine had in mind.

A few things to remember when juicing…

  1. Always wash your fruits and veggies before juicing. Even the freshest ingredients may get cross-contaminants and/or sprayed with waxes and chemicals to keep them lookin fresh. Trader joes has an organic veggie wash for under $5!
  2. Organic is the only way to ensure a delicious, pure juice. Some fruits and veggies have thinner skins that absorb pesticides, leaving us to taste RoundUp and other products used.
  3. Most fruits and veggies are fine in whatever increment you desire. However there are a few ingredients due to there powerful flavor agents are ratchet in huge amounts. Below are a few commonly used ingredients.
  • Beets- While beets balance the body by increasing energy, oxygen/ blood flow, cleansing the liver, and actually allowing the body to adapt more easily to exercise by boosting endurance… too much can nauseate the stomach due to sugar content and the flavor can become very unbearable.
  • Lemon/Lime/ Grapefruit- Citrus fruits such as Lemon, Lime and grapefruit add beautiful citrus notes, vitamin C and acidity to a juice. We all know how we pucker at sour lemonade… Let’s not ruin our juice with it!
  • Ginger-  fiery, pungent in taste ginger is recognizable in every dish. calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, selenium, Vitamins C, E and B6 are jam packed in there. Containing essential proteins and oils, ginger’s potent compound infuse powerful flavor and health benefits. Use it sparingly as potent is an understate of juice flavor when too much of this root is used.
  • Onion- Thing is most people refuse to think onion juice is even an option, but adding it to your juice or taking one shot a day can do an array of things repair your stomach, cataracts or even REVERSE GREY OR BALDING HAIR/ SCALP. Use it, but please, sparingly.
  • Garlic- We all love this stinky clove, but in our juice? Garlic has numerous health benefits as an antioxidant (Vitamin E and Coenzyme), an antibiotic that fights infection and unclogging sinuses. Even rumored to be an Aphrodisiac, Garlic’s flavor is delicious but can painfully ruin any delicious juice.

More tips and recipes to come! Happy Juicing!!